Nepal, well known for art, culture and its beauty; amazing landscape, rich vegetation and heartely welcoming people, full of artistic skills, has been a wonder to all. Among numerous fauna found in Nepal, the mountain Goat "Chyangra" or "Capra Hirucus" is one found in high altitude with special wool from which a glorious, superb and high quality woolen product is produced, that is well known as "Pashmina" or "Cashmere".
Nepalese Pashmina is well known, all over the world, for its quality and its craftsmanship. It is woven on handlooms by Nepali-Tibetan people. It the finest and most luxurious woolen product. It is praised for its warmth, lightness and durability, delicate and soft to touch. Nepalese Pashmina has been successful in establishing its uniqueness among fashion wear and has been considered to be a high social status value on acquiring it.

The mountain goat "Chyangra" is a native of the Himalayan belt. It is very harsh species with capability to adapt with extremely cold climate and scarce vegetation. It is its astonishing wool that helps it to adapt in the chilling snowcapped Himalayan environment. The wool is very thin, short and the softest wool found in the nature.

No other woolen product can be compared to Pashmina especially Sunny Pashmina on lightness, softness and warmth. Due to the market potentiality, some businesses people are engaged in producing products made of sheep wool and other low quality wool and are selling as Pashmina. This may have adverse impact on reputation of Pashmina. So we would like to alert you, the consumers to be confirmed before buying Pashmina. Sunny Pashmina is the only the one, you can trust for utmost quality.